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MyGov Online, Mytax, Etax – Claim My Tax Return Online in 2017

MyGov online, mytax, etax and options to claim my tax return online in 2017: From 2016, ATO has stopped supported Etax software, and provide Mytax tools to help with claiming tax return. You can access mytax from myGov website, and lodge your tax return by yourself. Mytax has been introduced...

Employees vs Contractors

There is a distinction between employees and contractors, and it is crucial to differentiate them under tax law. Simply, an employee is part of your business, while a contractor is running their own business and co-operating with your business. There are six main criteria in determining if a worker is...

Tax-Free Threshold and How to Claim Them

Tax-free threshold is the amount of income which you do not have to pay tax for, and for Australian resident for tax purposes, this is the first $18,200 of your annual income. You can apply for a tax-free threshold by completing a Tax file number declaration (NAT3092), provided by your...

Tax Offset for Remote Area

People, who live in remote areas of Australia, can have a tax concession offset, and this is referred to as Zone Tax Offset. The purpose of this offset is to help with the high cost of living and other environmental factors associated with living in remote area. If you are...

Tax Free Threshold for Multiple Jobs

Today most of the people are multiple jobs. ATO has created a tax-free threshold of $18,200 per annum. This limit implies that if an individual earns less than or up to this limit then there would be no tax payable at the year end and there would probably be a...

Claiming Tax Losses

If your business is making loss, then this loss can be carried forward as deduction which may be claimed in future years. Different business structure has different rules for carrying forward of losses. Sole- traders or partners in a partnership can claim their business losses by offsetting against their other...

Medicare vs Private Health Cover

Medicare is Australian government funded way to take care the health of all Australians. It covers the Australians’ medical treatments in public hospitals like different tests, scans and emergency situations and usually no bill is charged to the patient. However, looking towards the other side of the coin, patients might...

General Tax Return Mistakes

ATO can easily detect the common mistakes in tax returns. Every year they work hard to find them. This trouble can be prevented by avoiding the following mistakes 1: Avoid guessing or over-estimating the tax deductions: Accuracy is the best way to avoid the audit trail from the ATO. Overestimation...


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