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Healthcare, Medicare, and Your Tax Refund

Placing healthcare and Medicare into the same equation as income tax can create a panicked frenzy rather quickly. If you are someone who struggles to understand the ins and outs of how healthcare and Medicare can influence your taxes, this section is dedicated to helping you clarify the details that may have caused you confusion in the past.

Our blog posts can help you sort out the healthcare tax rebate and show you new tax deductions. We can also provide answers to questions and offer suggestions for making your tax return less confusing. For example, are there any receipts from various healthcare providers or procedures you should keep?

Tax & Your Health: Do You Need Private Insurance for the Rebate?

Keeping up with various details changes to the tax code is not easy. So, it is understandable that…

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Can You Claim the Health Insurance Rebate for Your Spouse?

[Updated June 16, 2023] The ATO provides facility of claiming your spouse’s rebate as well as yours in…

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