What Can I Claim on Tax Without Receipts in 2024?

What Can I Claim on Tax Without Receipts in 2024?

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Receipts are the preferred proof for claiming work-related deductions, but other forms of evidence such as bank statements can provide valid proof on your tax return.

With over 35 years of combined experience, our certified public accountants and tax refund specialists have consistently helped Australians get the highest tax refund they are entitled to.

So if you lose an important work-related receipt or are wondering what you can claim on tax without receipts in 2024, we put together this guide to no receipt tax deductions to help get you through tax season.

Key Takeaways

  • If your total deductions for work-related expenses are less than the $300 threshold, you can claim the amount without receipts
  • Bank statements, credit card statements, invoices, logbooks, and pay slips may be valid forms of evidence for work-related expenses and purchases
  • Claims you paid cash, an attached price tag, or a picture of an item’s price in a catalogue do not count as  “proof” to the ATO
  • Failing to provide adequate proof of a claim may result in fines, legal action, disallowed claims, and further audits by the ATO
  • While there are certain forms of proof that can be used as evidence for deductions on your tax return, it is best to keep receipts of all of your work-related expenses

How to Claim Tax Deductions With No Receipts

If your total deductions for work-related purchases and expenses are less than $300, this amount can be claimed without a receipt. The $300 threshold does not pertain to travel, overtime meal allowance, or car expenses.

However, you will still be required to show how you determined the amount you are claiming. (Source: ATO).

If you do not have receipts for your work-related expenses on your tax return, the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) does accept various other forms of evidence.

Here are types of evidence that may serve as proof for tax deductions no receipts :

  • Bank statements
  • Pay slips (we find these are useful for work-related expenses, such as tools, uniforms, or travel)
  • Diary and logbook entries (we find this is an especially helpful method for self-education expenses, gifts, and donations)
  • Statutory declarations
  • Photos
  • Invoices
  • Emails
  • Contracts

If you are using evidence other than a receipt, it should show the date, the amount of the purchase or expense, and a description of the expense.

Learn More: How to Claim Work-Related Expenses: Australian Taxation Office

Proof the ATO Will Not Accept

According to the ATO, the following methods are not considered valid proof to claim an expense:

  • Having the price tag attached to an item. Without a receipt, you still need valid proof of purchase, such as a bank statement or credit card to prove you paid for the item.
  • An advertisement or catalogue displaying the price of an item without proof that you purchased it. Without a receipt, you need a credit card or bank statement to prove you bought the item.
  • Stating you paid cash so you have no record of the purchase. The ATO will not allow you to claim deductions that you paid for using cash and have no receipt for. You will need proof of purchase, such as a bank statement, invoice, or credit card statement. 

What No-Receipt Deductions Can I Claim?

To determine what no-receipt tax deductions you can claim, first ask yourself:

  • Was the purchase directly related to and needed for my job?
  • Did I pay for the purchase myself?
  • Was I reimbursed for the purchase by anyone else or my employer?

If your answer to all of these questions is “yes”, then it is likely an allowable expense. However, you still need valid proof to claim the expense, such as a receipt, bank statement, credit card statement, invoice, or other acceptable form of proof.

Here are examples of deductions you can claim (with valid proof and a ‘yes’ answer to the questions above):

Deduction Rule
Work-Related Expenses Up to $300 without receipts, must explain calculation and show expenses were incurred.
Travel Expenses (With a Logbook) No specific limit with proper documentation, must be income-related.
Travel Expenses (Without a Logbook) Limited to 5,000 km per year using cents per km method, must provide basis of calculation.
Work-Related Clothing Claims for specific uniforms, protective and occupation-specific clothing. Receipts generally required, except for minor expenses under $300 total.
Home Office Expenses Fixed rate per hour for running expenses; documentation of hours worked at home needed.
Self-Education Expenses Related to current job can be deductible; documentation or diary entries needed for expenses without receipts under $300.
Tools and Equipment For small tools and equipment under $300, detailed receipts not always necessary, must show determination of cost and relation to income.
Stationary Can be claimed without receipts if under $300 total small expenses threshold; log or diary entries detailing use for work purposes should be kept.
Work-Related Laundry Expenses Can claim laundry expenses for eligible work clothes without receipts up to a reasonable amount; documentation required for larger claims.
Small Expenses (<$10) Can be claimed without receipts up to a total of $200; list or diary entries of these expenses should be kept.
Gifts and Donations Claims of $2 or more to registered charities can be claimed without a receipt, up to a total of $10; receipt usually required beyond this.
Union Fees or Membership Fees Deductible; for small amounts, detailed receipts might not be necessary, but total claims for miscellaneous deductions without receipts are capped at $300.

What Can I Claim on Tax Without Receipts 2024

If you’re having trouble determining, “What can I claim on tax without receipts 2024?”, our tax experts can help. We can review your purchases and proof and determine if a deduction qualifies and if you have valid proof to back it up.

For instance, we had a client last year who used a generic tax calculator to get a rough idea of the tax refund he was owed. However, he was overwhelmed by how to determine no receipts tax deductions.

He assumed he would have to lodge his return and miss out on a variety of deductions since he didn’t have receipts.Before he lodged his return, he decided to reach out to one of our tax specialists about no receipts tax deductions.

We worked with him to determine all of his eligible work-related expenses and discussed other forms of proof. It turns out he had a valid logbook, bank statements for the entire financial year, and credit card statements.

We were able to identify all of his valid deductions, source proof of those expenses,  and get him the maximum amount he was entitled to. This resulted in a substantially higher tax refund than he would have gotten on his own.

We love stories like this one! If you have work-related expenses but aren’t sure if you have valid proof, get in touch with our team. We can help you with tax deductions no receipts to ensure you lodge an accurate return for the maximum amount you are entitled to.

What Happens If You Get Audited and Don’t Have Substantiation?

If you get audited by the Australian Taxation Office and do not have receipts or valid proof to support the deductions you claimed, consequences may involve:

  • Legal Action — The ATO may take legal action against you in serious cases and you may be charged with fraud or tax evasion.
  • Disallowed Claims — Without acceptable evidence to support expenses, the ATO may disallow your claims.
  • Further Audits — Failing to have proper proof of expenses to support your tax claims puts you on the ATO’s radar. For future tax returns, the ATO may conduct additional audits to ensure your claims are reasonable and backed up with proper records.
  • Penalties and Interest Charges — You may be charged interest or be required to pay penalties on any additional tax you owe due to disallowed claims.

Unfortunately, we’ve seen numerous instances where an individual fails to provide acceptable evidence and ends up with a heap of interest and penalties to pay.

Saving receipts, invoices, bank statements, and credit card statements and keeping them organised throughout the year is far easier than dealing with fines or legal action!

For an easy way to keep track of your expenses, consider taking pictures of all receipts, invoices, and statements to store them for easy access come tax time.

For a 100% error free tax return without the risk of fines or penalties, work with a tax professional. At My Tax Refund Today, we can determine which deductions you qualify for and what you’ll need as acceptable proof.


How much can I claim on my tax refund without a receipt?

The ATO states that you can claim up to $300 for a financial year for work-related items you purchased. If you have no receipts or valid evidence, you are limited to the $300 threshold.

While you are not required to provide receipts if your total expenses claimed are less than $300, the ATO may still request proof of how the purchases are related to your work, how it was paid for, and other information.

Can I use bank statements as evidence for tax deductions no receipts?

Yes, bank statements can be an acceptable form of evidence for claims. Make sure bank statements show a description of the expense, the amount of the purchase, and the date.

How many business kilometres can I claim without receipts?

The no receipts tax deductions threshold for kilometres is 5,000 business kilometres for the financial year. This means you can claim up to 5,000 business kilometres without receipts or a logbook using the cents per kilometre method for work-related travel.

If you exceed this threshold or have a mix of work-related and private travel, the ATO will require a logbook to back up your claims.

A car logbook is the preferred method to keep track of your kilometres travelled. Not sure how to use a logbook? Here is a helpful guide from our tax experts: Car Logbook and Your Tax Return.

Can I claim mobile phone expenses?

Yes, you can claim mobile phone expenses if they are for work-related use. To learn more, read our guide on claiming a mobile phone on tax.

Get Help From the Experts

We hope our guide answered the key question; what can I claim on tax without receipts?

While we recommend receipts are the preferred source of proof for work-related deductions, the ATO will accept certain alternatives as proof of expenses.

Contact our tax agents at My Tax Refund Today to maximise your tax refund and ensure 100% accuracy. We’re committed to getting you as much money as possible while ensuring you lodge a tax return that is free of errors and compliant with all of ATO’s requirements.

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