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From the biggest tax code changes to the specific areas the ATO is watching closely, the General Tax Return Blog section has you covered.

Our most experienced team members use their expertise and resources to create relevant and valuable information to assist you during the tax preparation season and beyond.

With major changed in the economy, and taxpayers are wondering how their cryptocurrency holdings might influence their tax refunds. We help you stay on top of changes and keep you apprised of any issues that may impact you.

We also walk you through familiar topics to refresh your memory and make sure you are on the right track with things like deductions, offsets, and the impact life changes can have on your taxes.

Can You Claim Parking on Tax?

Can you claim parking on tax? Yes, if it is an expense directly related to your work, you…

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A Simplified Guide to Claiming a Mobile Phone on Tax

Yes, you can claim your mobile phone as a tax deduction if it’s used for work purposes such…

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How Much Do You Get Taxed on a Second Job?

Wondering how much do you get taxed on a second job? The answer is second job tax rates…

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Sole Trader Tax Return Guide: Everything You Should Know

As a sole trader, you have a set of talents to make your business successful. If you are…

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How Do Your Investments Affect Your Tax?

Over 6.5 million Australians invested in stocks listed on the exchange, private companies, Self Managed Super Funds (SMSFs),…

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The Smartest Ways to Use Your Tax Return

If you are one of the 84 per cent of Australians expecting a refund, getting ready to lodge…

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Cryptocurrency Tax Guide 2023

[Updated March 9, 2023] Taking care of your yearly taxes can be challenging. Keeping up with any changes…

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Can I Get a Loan on My Income Tax Refund?

[Updated May 26, 2023] Want to learn the difference between tax refunds and tax advance refunds? You’ve come…

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