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Terms Definitions / Meaning
We/Us/Our Planetech International Pty. Ltd (ABN: 87 145 232 319; TAN: 23282009) Trading As My Tax Refund Today
Our Website https://www.mytaxrefundtoday.com.au; https://www.getsamedaytaxrefund.com.au
You/Your Customer/Taxpayer
ATO Australian Taxation Office
ATO Portal Tax Agent portal by which your tax information can be reviewed
CSA Child Support Agency
Centrelink Department of Human Services.


Lodging Your Tax Return

  1. Once you provide us with the requested information, you authorise us to access your records from the ATO Portal. You can provide us with the requested information via our website, mobile phone app, email, telephone and/or in person.
  2. Your personal information will be used for checking your tax records and income for past and present years. We have legal obligations to check your tax records to ensure that all your income is properly recorded.
  3. You may be contacted via telephone, email or SMS about your tax records. We may ask you questions about your income, expenses and deductions. A free tax refund estimate will be provided to you by a professional tax accountant if you have a simple tax return. Subject to eligibility requirements you may be provided the option of an on the spot tax refund. Your eligibility for, and amount of, any on the spot refund we offer you will be determined on a case by case basis. Whether you are offered an on the spot refund at all will at all times remain in our sole discretion.
  4. Your personal information will be protected in accordance with the Privacy Act and will not be shared with third parties unless we are compelled to do so by law, or to provide you with the services for which we have been engaged. We are legally bound to protect your personal information. Please see Our Privacy Policy for more information about how we handle your personal information.


Your Obligations

  1. You declare that you will provide correct and complete details of your income including income from such sources as your salary, capital gains, Government allowances and pensions, interest, dividends, royalties, business income and foreign income etc. You declare that before giving authority for lodgment with the Australian Taxation Office, we have explained various provisions of the Income Tax Act regarding income and expenses which are applicable to you. You also understand that taxation laws provide heavy penalties for providing false or misleading information.
  2. You declare that you have the necessary receipts/records for the deductions/rebates claimed in your tax return(s). You understand that it is your duty to keep the evidence of income/deductions for a minimum of 5 years. The Australian Taxation Office may impose a penalty or prosecute you if you are unable to provide receipts or if the tax return is incorrect/misleading. You understand that to obtain the benefit of “safe harbour” protections, you must provide to us “all relevant taxation information” to enable us to provide accurate statements to the Australian Tax Office. For work related expenses, you understand that you need to have written evidence if your total work-related claims exceed $300. All income/deductions/rebates included in your tax return are based on your specific instructions and confirmation that you satisfy the relevant taxation requirements.
  3. You discharge us and our staff from any liability arising on account of any audit or other investigation in respect of any undeclared income or excess claims made in your tax return.
  4. In the event our fees are not paid upfront and such fees are to be deducted from your tax refund, then you authorise your tax refund to be transferred to our trust account. You understand that you will be paid your tax refund after we deduct our fees. Any surfeit from your tax refund will be deposited into your nominated bank account via electronic transfer or paid to you by cheque.
  5. My Tax Refund Today is a Registered Tax Agent (Tax Agent no 23282009) and is authorised by the Australian Tax Office to lodge taxation returns.


Procedure for On The Spot Refunds

  1. You understand that we need to do additional work to process an on the spot refund. Such additional work includes, but is not limited to, verification of your income, tax debt position and GST position. These verifications are important as they provide us with confirmation of your entitlement to a tax refund. We may verify/assess your Centrelink and Child Support Agency debts. Variations in any of these factors may reduce the amount of your income tax refund (if any). You fully understand that despite all these verifications, your actual refund may be reduced as a result of undisclosed debts to the Australian Government. You understand that even after the assessments of your debt position, we cannot confirm, let alone guarantee, your debt position with respect to any Government agency. A government agency to whom you owe money may take part or all of your income tax refund in satisfaction of outstanding debts.
  2. Once the abovementioned checks have been completed, we retain full discretion to decide on your eligibility for an on the spot refund. We may decline to provide you with an on the spot tax refund without providing you with a reason. Your eligibility for, and amount of, any on the spot refunds offered by us is decided on a case by case basis.
  3. You understand that an on the spot refund cannot exceed AUD$1,000. The balance of your taxation refund, after deducting our fees and the amount of any on the spot advance paid (if any) will be deposited in your nominated bank account by way of electronic funds transfer, or alternatively sent to you by cheque once the Australian Taxation Office deposits your tax refund into our trust account. Electronic Funds Transfer/cheque deposits in your account may take 2-3 working days to


On the Spot Refunds: Your Obligations to Us

  1. Any Money received by you from us will be treated as an advance to you. This amount will be set off against your actual taxation refund to be paid by the Australian Taxation Office. You understand that once a taxation refund is issued by the Australian Taxation Office, you will receive the balance of your taxation return after subtracting the amount of your on the spot taxation return refund plus our fees. If a government agency takes part of your tax refund in satisfaction of an outstanding debt, then your actual refund will be lesser by that amount.
  2. If your actual taxation refund from the Australian Taxation Office is less than the amount required to repay your on the spot taxation refund and our fees, you will be required to pay all amounts outstanding to us within 14 days of the Australian Taxation Office’s assessment.
  3. If you do not pay all outstanding amounts to us described in paragraph 4.2 within 14 days of the Australian Taxation Office Assessment, a Letter of Demand will be issued to you. We may, at our sole discretion, refer this debt to an external debt collection agency or commence proceedings against you in the Parramatta Local Court. If we commence proceedings against you, you may become liable for pre and post judgment interest, legal costs, legal disbursements and our own administration fee of $275 inclusive of GST.


Fees Structure

  1. Component 1: Preparing & Lodging Tax return – this work consists of collecting information concerning your taxable income, deductions and offsets. We will collate information and supporting documents for all your declarable income sources (e.g. salary, business, rental, foreign income, interest, dividends). We also collate information and documents for your expenses. This work can take from 20 minutes to a few days depending on the size and complexity of the taxation return. Our fee structure for this work is not fixed and depends on time and effort involved in preparing and lodging your tax return. An estimate of our fees will be provided to you in the tax refund estimate after our initial interview. If you are not happy with our fees or refund estimate you are under no obligation to proceed and you will not be charged anything for the initial interview. However, if you do wish to proceed and we lodge your taxation return, then fees will be payable. A fee of $39 plus GST is payable in the event you wish to pay for our services out of your taxation return proceeds.
  2. Component 2: Taxation Refund On the Spot – fees for on the spot refunds will be determined on a case by case basis.By way of guidance, this fee is typically between $350 and $450 plus GST for each on the spot taxation return refund. However, we stress this fee can be higher or lower than the guidance we have provided. The factors which determine the size of the fee include:
    1. the size of your on the spot refund;
    2. the risk associated with advancing funds to you; and
    3. the amount of additional work required to assess whether you meet the necessary criteria for such an advance.


Authorisation to Lodge Income Tax Return

  1. I declare that I have received copy of my Terms & Conditions (4 Pages), Refund Calculation Sheet(s)/Tax Invoice and Privacy Policy. My Refund Calculation sheet displays my estimated taxation refund, tax agent fees for lodging my tax return, any tax agent fees for “on the spot taxation refunds” to be paid to me as an advance to be repaid by me once my refund is released by the Australian Taxation Office. I understand and accept these figures as being accurate.
  2. I authorise my tax refund to be transferred to my tax agent’s trust account. I understand that I will be paid the balance on my taxation refund only after my taxation agent has deducted its fees and any on the spot taxation advances paid to me.
  3. I have read, and I accept the above terms and conditions. I authorise Planetech International Pty Ltd trading as My Tax Refund Today (Registered Tax Agent no. 23282009) to prepare and lodge my Income Tax Return.

*Terms and conditions apply.

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