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Terms & Conditions


Terms Definitions / Meaning
We/ us/ our Planetech Accounting (ABN: 87145232319; TAN: 23282009)    T/A My Tax Refund Today
Our Website https://www.mytaxrefundtoday.com.au
You Customer/ Taxpayer
ATO Australian Taxation Office
ATO Portal Means Tax Agent portal by which your Tax information can be checked from ATO
CSA Child Support Agency
Centre link Department of Human Services.


Using your Information

  1. User Information – Once taxpayer fills the required information on our website, you are authorizing our associate company Tax Refund on Spot (Tax Agent no 78339009) to access your records from Tax Agent Portal. Various methods to provide us this information are – Filling form on our website, our Mobile Apps, email, over the phone & personal visit. Our websites are mytaxrefundtoday.com.au and www.getsamedaytaxrefund.com.au
  2. Your personal information is collected by Planetech Accounting (ABN: 87145232319; TAN: 23282009) T/A MyTax Refund Today. However, it will be passed on to Tax Refund On Spot ( ABN: 49124038946 and TAN: 78339009). Your details will be entered in Tax Agent Portal of Tax Refund On Spot (TAN: 78339009). Once you provide the authority, your income tax returns will be lodged by Tax Refund On Spot. By providing your personal information to us, you are authorizing us to share your personal information with Tax Refund On Spot for the purpose of income tax return lodgment with Tax Office. Planetech Accounting is only acting as agent to collect and process information on behalf of Tax Refund On Spot (Tax Agent no 78339009)
  3. Your personal information is collected by will be used for checking taxpayer tax records and income for all the years. As Tax agent, we have legal obligation to check Tax records of taxpayer and ensure that all income is entered in taxpayer income tax return. Client current and past year history will be checked with ATO records and taxation advice will be given accordingly
  4. Taxpayer will be contacted via phone/email/SMS about their tax records, questions will be asked about income/ expenses and FREE refund estimate will be provided (simple tax returns) by a professional tax accountant. Taxpayer will be provided option of 1 Hour refund (if eligible). Eligibility and amount of On Spot refund is decided on case to case basis. This will be sole discretion of our management and we have right to refuse one-hour refund. If we found that client is providing wrong taxation information, then we can refuse to serve the client.
  5. Your personal information will be protected as per Privacy Act and will not be shared by us. It will only be provided to Tax office and other government agencies (when requested). We are legally bound to protect your personal information.
  6. Your email address is used only to send tax related information that you have requested and as necessary to complete a transaction or application. You have full right to receive, or not to receive your marketing material or newsletter. In case you don’t want to receive, then you can simply unsubscribe from our marketing material or newsletter emails.


Declaration by Taxpayer for lodgment of Income tax returns

  1. You declare that you will provide correct and complete details of income including income from Salary, Capital gains, Government allowances and pension, interest, dividend & royalty income, Business & foreign Income etc. Taxpayer declares that before giving authority for lodgment with ATO, we have explained various provisions of Income Tax Act regarding income and   expenses   which   are   applicable   to      Taxpayer also understands that   Tax   laws   provide   heavy penalties/prosecution for false or misleading statements in the tax return.
  2. You declare that you have the necessary receipts/ records for the deductions/rebates claimed in these tax return(s). You understand that it is your duty to keep the evidence of income/deductions for minimum of next 5 years. Australian Taxation Office may impose penalty/prosecution if you are unable to provide any receipts or if the tax return is incorrect/misleading. You have understood that in order to obtain benefit of “safe harbour” protection, you must provide you with “all relevant taxation information” to enable accurate statements to be provided to ATO. For work related expenses, you understand that you need to have written evidence if total work related claims are more than $300. All income/deductions/rebates included in tax return are based on   your specific instruction and that you satisfy relevant taxation requirements.
  3. You discharge staff of My Tax Refund Today/Tax Refund On Spot from any responsibility and liability arising on account of any decision of audit, other investigation in respect of any income omitted to be included, or any excess claim made in the tax return.
  4. In case fees is not paid upfront and fees is to be deducted from the tax refund, then you authorize your tax refund to be transferred to Tax agent Trust Account (Tax Refund On Spot) and you understand that you will be paid Tax refund after Tax Refund on Spot will deduct their fees and advance paid to me (if any). Tax refund will be deposited in your Bank account as cheque (once ATO releases your tax refund in our trust account). Cheque takes 2-3 days to clear and funds will be available in 2-3 days.
  5. Tax Refund on Spot is a Registered Tax Agent (Tax Agent no 78339009) and is authorized by Australian Tax Office to lodge the tax returns. For lodgment of your income tax return, you understand that there is no need to visit the office of Accountant and you can authorize us to lodge your tax return via Fax/SMS/Email.


Procedure for Tax Refund On Spot (1 Hour Tax Refund)

  1. You understand that Tax Agent needs to do additional work to process 1 Hour Tax Refund. These are verification of Income Tax debt & GST Debt with Tax Office, assessment of debts with Child support agency, assessment   of   debts   with Centrelink, verification of   HECS/HELP/other   education   loan from government, verification of income & taxes paid from Tax Agent portal.  You authorize Tax Agent to make these additional checks for processing 1 Hour Tax refund. These verifications are important to verify the entitlement for Tax refund. Any of above debts may reduce your actual income tax refund. You fully understand that in spite of all these verification, actual refund by   Tax Office   may be   reduced due to  some undisclosed  debts  to  Australian Government. You understand that even after assessments of debts, we do NOT guarantee and we CAN NOT confirm your debts with any of Government agencies – Tax Office, Centrelink and CSA. Any government agency may take part/whole of your income tax refund and we are not responsible for that. Our internal assessment is ONLY for checking your eligibility of 1 Hour refund and nothing else.
  2. After the above checks, Tax Agent has full discretion to decide on your eligibility of On Spot Refund. We may decline your application for On spot tax refund and we are not obliged to disclose any reason. Eligibility and amount of On Spot refund is decided on case to case basis. You understand that everyone is not eligible for On spot refund.
  3. You understand that On Spot refund is only for limited amount (Max $1000). Balance amount will be deposited in your Bank account as cheque only after ATO releases your tax refund and cheque will take 2-3 days to clear


Client Obligation in case of “On Spot refunds”

  1. Any Money received as “On Spot Refund” by you from Tax Agent (Xact Taxation Pty Ltd  t/as Tax Refund on Spot ABN: 49  124 038 946) will  be  treated as an advance to you. This amount will be adjusted against your actual Tax Refund to be  released by  Tax Office  later. You understand that once tax refund is issued by  Tax Office, you will receive Balance Tax Refund after adjusting this advance and Tax Agents fees. If government agency takes part of your tax refund, then your actual refund will be lesser by that amount.
  2. If actual refund issued by  Tax Office  is less than the Total of above 3 amounts, then Client will be  liable to pay the short amount  to Tax Agent (Xact  Taxation Pty Ltd  t/as Tax Refund on  Spot ABN: 49  124 038 946) in 14  days of  the  Tax Office  assessment. “Short Amount” means total of  (a),  (b)  &  (c)  above  Less Actual refund issued by Tax Office  in Tax Agents Trust account. “Short Amount” is Total of 3 elements – Advance paid to client , Tax Agent fees  for  preparing and lodging tax return  and Tax Agent fees  for  “On  the Spot Refunds” LESS Actual refund issued by Tax Office  for client in Tax Agents Trust Account.


Procedure of Debt Assessment with 3 Government Agencies

  1. Tax Office – You will be asked question on your debts with ATO. Tax Agent Portal will be checked for  any debt owed to Tax Office. Also, phone calls may be made to Tax Office to confirm the debt
  2. Centre link – You will be asked questions on your debts with Centre link and any payment plan you have to pay off the debts. If you visit us personally, then phone call may be made to Centre link to confirm the debt. If you are unable to visit us personally, then Conference call may be arranged with Centre link to verify your debts. Alternatively, debt assessment will be made on basis of information provided by you
  3. Child Support Agency – You will be asked questions on their debt with Child Support Agency and any payment plan you have to pay off the debts. If you visit us personally, then phone call may be made to Child Support Agency to confirm the debt. If you are unable to visit us personally, then Conference call may be arranged with Centre link to verify your debts. Alternatively, debt assessment will be made on basis of  information provided by you


Disputes & Jurisdiction – Both the parties agree that any dispute shall be referred to Black town Court (1 Kildare road, Black town NSW 2148)


  1. 1 Hour Tax refund will be processed by EFT and is given to eligible customers only.
  2. Amount and eligibility of 1 Hour tax refund is decided on case to case basis.

*Terms and conditions apply.

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