How to Claim Sun Protection Expenses

How to Claim Sun Protection Expenses

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Who can claim Sun protection expenses?

If your job requires you to constantly expose to the hazardous sun’s rays, you can claim tax deductions for your sun protections expenses each year.

Occupations which could claim sun protection expenses include:

  • Pilots and airline staff
  • Builders
  • Tradespeople
  • Couriers and delivery people
  • Farmers
  • Fishermen
  • Foresters and gamekeepers
  • Landscapers and gardeners
  • Miners
  • Sports professionals
  • Coaches and trainers
  • Outdoor recreation staff

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What can be claimed?

Sun Glasses

The ATO allows tax deductions for sunglasses when an employee expose to the sun on long or regular periods of time. Specifically, you are entitled to claim sun protection tax deductions if you work outside all day at a building site or you are a pilot who expose to sunlight every day.

You cannot claim tax deduction if you only use sunglasses for a short distance, for example a short walk between two locations.

If your sunglass is more than $300, it is expected to last for a long time, so your tax deduction will be claimed as the depreciation of the sunglass over time rather than the purchase price.


Generally, you can claim tax deductions for essential sun protection lotions and sprays. However, make sure to have your receipts.

Head gear

Like sunscreen, hats and other headgear designed for sun protection can be claimed by outdoors workers.

Sun protections for personal and private use

Because sunglasses, hats or sunscreen can be used on private purposes, the connection between their cost and your occupation must be genuine.

Otherwise, use sun protection items for works separately and keep the receipts as well as work related expense records.

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