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Etax 2017

Etax or e-tax was software which was used by Australians to lodge their income tax returns with Australian Taxation office. It was started sometime in the year 2000 and now it is replaced with myTax. E-tax 2017 became very popular since it replaced traditional system of paper lodgment. It was the first method of e-filing tax returns by customers themselves. Under 2017 E-tax, customers had to download etax software and then enter all the information – name, tax file no, address, bank details, all types of income – salary, bank interest, business income, rental income and various deductions and offsets. There was an option of pre-filling the data which means that you can import the income from Tax office system once security checks are done by etax software. People learned a lot about tax returns and various deductions/ offsets since there were only 2 methods of lodgment before introduction of etax 2017– one was paper lodgment and other was electronic lodgment by a registered tax agent. Tax office spent millions of dollars to introduce

Problems with Etax ATO

  • Incorrect data being pre-filled,
  • Prefill not available in buys time of the year (July- August).
  • There was no professional help available in etax ATO and customer had to rely on software only.
  • There was no online chat facility or any phone number to call in case customer was struck
  • Lot many time, taxpayer have questions before submitting the Online tax return about their eligibility of deduction/offset.
  • Taxpayers do not claim deductions since they were unaware of their claims and they lost refund also.
  •  Etax ATO takes 2 weeks or even more for refund to be issued.

At MyTax Refund Today, we have overcome the above problems.

  • We interview each and every client, understand their circumstances so that best possible deductions can be claimed.
  • We ask them lot of questions so that we can claim the maximum refund.
  • We are registered tax agent and our accountants are specialized in various fields – PAYG employees, rental properties, business income, overseas income.
  • MyTax refund today can provide you a facility to E-lodge your tax return like Etax ATO, which is replaced with Mytax ATO, without any hassle, wherever you live in Australia.
  • Mytax Refund Today will give you a Free Tax Refund Estimate .
  • Mytax Refund Today also gives you an option to pay your refund in 1 hour, which means that you can get part of your tax refund on same day.
  • Getting your part refund in 1 hour is a unique facility and customers call us from all over Australia like Adelaide, WA, QLD & even Tasmania to use this service.
  • Mytax Refund Today ensure you get every dollar back from Tax office for which you are entitled to. We claim maximum possible legal tax refund.
  • We also check if you are eligible for prior year tax refunds. We check pre-fill of prior years and calculate your refund. We give Free tax refund estimate to you for prior years also.

Fill in the form HERE to have an expert call you within 20 minutes and get your same-day refund, or if you have an questions relate to Etax 2017 , MyTax 2017 and Online tax return 2017, you can contact us by calling 1300 698 297 emailing info@mytaxrefundtoday.com.au.

Fill in the form HERE to have an expert call you within 20 minutes and get your 1 Hour refund

if you have an questions you can contact us by calling
1300 698 297  or emailing info@mytaxrefundtoday.com.au


Why Wait For 2 Weeks…? Get Your Tax Refund Today !


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