Can You Claim the Health Insurance Rebate for Your Spouse?

Can You Claim the Health Insurance Rebate for Your Spouse?

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ATO provides facility of claiming your spouse’s rebate as well as yours in your tax return. There are three conditions mentioned to be eligible to claim this rebate.

  1. Must have a spouse on the last day of the income year which is 30th This also contains if your spouse died during the period of 2015-16 and you didn’t have another spouse before 30th June 2016.
  2. Both must be covered by same health insurance policy for the same period.
  3. Before the completion and lodgement of tax return, both must have common consent to this.

If your spouse chooses to claim for rebate entitlement only and there is no other reason to lodge a tax return for her, you can claim it in your tax return satisfying above three conditions compulsorily. In this case, she doesn’t need to lodge a tax return.

If you choose to claim a rebate on behalf of your spouse, your spouse is not allowed to claim a rebate by herself again. Also, if he or she has claimed more rebate than they allowed to, you are also approving to pay back the over claimed amount.

If you and your spouse lodge your tax returns in different period, you are still eligible to choose to claim your spouse’s rebate.

In case of divorce and you already separated during the year, you are eligible to claim only for your share of the policy. That means even if you paid all the premiums, you are not entitled to claim full premium. Your ex-spouse will have to claim for their share.

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