Once you file your tax return with accurate and complete details, the important thing that concerns you is this;


It’s obvious that waiting to get your tax refund in your bank account can make you impatient after a point.However, here’s a new of relief; tax refunds get credited fast. So, it’s good to say that every single day you wait, is worth it.

Also, tax refunds are faster when returns are filed electronically (usually within 10 working days, if the return is filed in every compliance with the ATO laws).

However, for those who still cannot wait to get their tax refund, they can opt for a SAME DAY TAX REFUND.

So, if you ask, “Can I get my tax refund back the same day?” The answer is YES!

However, this is optional. You may choose to not get your tax refund the same day, and still get your tax refund faster. My Tax Refund Today helps you with a systematic process to get your tax refund on THE SAME DAY. We have an expert team of accountants and consultants to help you right with tax refunds.

If you wish to opt for the SAME DAY TAX REFUND, here’s what you can do to get it;

  1. Fill the online form HERE or mail us your group certificate (or PAYG summary in case if the unavailability of documents) on
  2. One of our qualified accountants will call you in the next 20 minutes, to discuss and guide you with your tax situation. He shall also provide you with a tax refund estimate FOR FREE and will ask you for an option of SAME DAY TAX REFUND.
  3. If you are satisfied with our tax advice and opt for our SAME DAY TAX REFUND option, you can authorize us to file your tax return, and we shall deposit your tax refund in just 1 hour* (if opted for) by EFT

However, please make a note of the below;

*IF YOU OPT FOR THE SAME DAY TAX REFUND, YOU SHALL BE ENTITLED TO THE REFUND OF AN AMOUNT UPTO AU$1000 ONLY (IF THE REFUND AMOUNT EXCEEDS AU$1000). The remaining refund amount shall be credited to your bank account in the next 10 working days or when received from ATO.

Here are some other features of the SAME DAY TAX REFUND option:

  1. Online tax return filing, NO PAPERWORK NEEDED.
  2. Pay $0 upfront fees. The fees if applicable shall be deducted from your tax refund amount. If you choose this option, you shall still be entitled to1-hour tax refund* (if opted for).
  3. We guarantee maximum tax refund, thanks to our dedicated team of accountants and tax planners.
  4. We serve clients from every occupation and assure maximum tax benefit to every client.
  5. The tax refund shall be directly credited to your bank account and can be withdrawn the same day too.
  6. No prior appointments needed. We shall solve all your tax-related queries and issues on call. The only time you need to visit our office is when you make your mind to authorize us for further tax return filing.
  7. You may live anywhere in Australia; we shall reach out to you from everywhere.

You shall be entitled to all tax benefits from your tax return, however, for that, you need to ensure that all your tax-related documents, receipts, and details are accurate, correct and in-place. This will assure you faster tax refund and least possibilities of delays in tax refund.

Choosing the same day tax refund will help you invest in assets or things that you have been planning for. Since you can withdraw the refund amount on the same day itself, you can utilize it to your convenience.

My Tax Refund Today works with utmost dedication and expertise to comply with the laws of the ATO and simultaneously provide maximum benefit to our clients in their tax situations. We help you get the best out of your current tax situation, without you having to worry about falling into ATO complications and defaults. Authorizing us to lodge your tax returns is one such step to plan your taxes efficiently and gain maximum benefits out of your taxable income.

Fill in the get your refund now form to have an expert will call you and get your same-day refund*, or if you have any questions related to MyTaxmygov, and Online tax return, you can contact us by calling 1300 698 297 Or email us at

*Conditions Apply

This disclaimer informs readers that the views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in the text belong solely to the author, and not necessarily to the author’s employer, organization, committee or other group or individual. To have your tax case assessed please contact a registered tax agent.

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