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The most crucial part of tax returns is the tax refund. You always look for more ways to get maximum tax refund from our taxable income. If this is not enough, then when you file a tax return, the first thing you eagerly wait for, is getting the tax refund you have claimed. Tax refunds can get you rushing, but it also comes with its own sets of pros and cons. The ATO has listed down many eligible ways to claim your tax refunds, the only concern lies here is, how to claim them.

A tax accountant always helps in this case. A tax accountant not just helps you maximise your tax refund, but also takes hold of your entire tax formalities, by giving you maximum benefits from your tax return, which otherwise you could have missed out on. There are various tax reforms that keep on changing and revising. Tax accountants guide you step by step and update you regularly with all the tax vows.

Out of all the concerns you have from the tax accountant, the major one is here; can a tax accountant give me my tax refund “ON THE SPOT”?

The answer is YES AND NO.

Let us briefly explain you.

Usually, after you file your tax return, you get your tax refund (the one that you have claimed in the return) within 10 working days (if filed online) and within 6-8 weeks (if filed offline), from the ATO which gets directly credited to your bank account. However, at times, you might need the tax refund amount instantly, to utilize the amount for other purposes. This could be to invest in your business, or purchase a personal asset, or to deposit it in different deposit accounts. In such cases, getting on-the-spot tax refund helps you fulfil your financial plans.

How to claim an on-the-spot tax refund? It’s easy as three steps;

  1. Fill an online form And provide your tax details to get a free tax refund estimate from our experts. In case the documents are not sufficient, you can get a PAYG summary and email it to
  2. A tax accountant calls you back in the next 20 minutes and discusses your tax situation, after which he/she finally prepares your free tax refund estimate.
  3. Once you think you are satisfied with the service, you’ll be given an option of choosing on-the-spot tax refund. If you choose it and once you entitle us to lodge your tax return, you’ll get your tax refund credited to your bank account in just 1 hour and ready to use.

But here’s the trick, NOT EVERYONE CAN CLAIM ON-THE-SPOT TAX REFUND. This service is provided by tax agents, and not ATO. So the fulfilment of on-the-spot tax refund is subject to your tax and financial eligibility and lies in sole discretion with the tax accountant. If he doesn’t see any relevant purpose of you claiming an on-the-spot tax refund, he might simply not process your request any further.

And if you qualify, you won’t have to wait for the ATO to credit your tax refund. The maximum tax refund to be claimed on-the-spot will be up to $1000. And who can claim an on-the-spot tax refund? Anyone, who is eligible.

We would also help you with additional benefits when you opt for on-the-spot tax refund with us;

  1. Maximum tax refund guaranteed
  2. $0 upfront fees
  3. Serving across
  4. 100% online process.
  5. No prior appointments and meetings required. The entire process shall take place online.
  6. Highly qualified team with more than 25 years of experience to help you with your tax situations.

Our tax accountants will help you make an informed decision about going for an on-the-spot tax refund or not, basis your financial requirement. And for all this, you would pay $0 upfront fees, as it shall be deducted from the tax refund amount that ATO sends after 10 -11 working days. The entire process shall be stress-free as our experts ensure that you not only save time in filing your tax return, but also get maximum tax refund, while you relax back.

 Fill in the form HERE to have an expert will call you and get your same-day refund*, or if you have an questions relate to MyTax 2019 and mygovOnline tax return 2019, you can contact us by calling 1300 698 297 Or email us at

*Conditions Apply

This disclaimer informs readers that the views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in the text belong solely to the author, and not necessarily to the author’s employer, organization, committee or other group or individual. To have your tax case assessed please contact a registered tax agent.


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