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A Tax Guide for Uber EATS Drivers

Uber tax return 2018

Uber EATS is an online food delivery platform that allows people to enjoy their food by getting it delivered to their doorstep. The app connects the customers to a wide range of restaurants around the city. It is as simple as a customer placing an order, an Uber driver picking the order up and then delivering it to the customer who ordered the food. UberEATS is gaining more and more popularity and is well known for being one of the simplest method to order and receive the food of your choice and that you love.

As an increase in the UberEATS trend can be observed, we decided to share everything that needs to be known about the tax implications of being an UberEats driver.

First things first, as an UberEATS driver, you must have an ABN. This is due to your working as a contractor for Uber; that means, an UberEATS driver is responsible for paying taxes on his earnings.

Secondly, as an UberEATS driver, you are obligated to declare any income you have received while working as a driver. However, you do not need to register for GST if you are earning less than $75,000 and are only delivering food but if you are making more than $75,000 annually, you need to register for GST.

Things can be a bit complicated in the case if you are delivering food along with driving passengers from one place to another. If that’s the case, you must register for GST and GST obligations would apply to both, driving passengers as well as the food delivering activities.

The good news is that there are a wide range of deductions that you can claim being an UberEATS driver which include insurance, bike/car repairs/maintenance costs, registration costs, vehicle cleaning costs, sun protection items (in case you use a motorbike or cycle for delivering), petrol/gas and mileage expense and phone costs. In case you use your vehicle for personal activities, then a percentage of these costs would be allocated towards your deductions. If you are driving/riding a rented vehicle, you can even claim the rent you have paid during the year to reduce your taxable income.

As is the case in all other jobs, it is imperative to keep a record of any work-related expenses so that you can have a proof of your expenses; if needed and claim them in your tax return.

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